Comporium Communications has acquired the PEQ Home Automation Platform and has begun transitioning PEQ customers to its own hosted platform.. 


As of May 24th, all billing has ceased on no further subscription renewals (or purchases) will be processed. As of June 1st, will no longer be accessible. Access via the PEQ mobile app and web dashboard will be shutdown 30 days after your final bill and will not be accessible moving forward.

This transition brings with it the opportunity for you to migrate to Comporium’s ReadyHome Lite platform for a lower monthly rate, $7.99, while retaining similar functionality as the current PEQ platform.* 
ReadyHome Lite offers several enhancements on its home automation platform including motion sensing cameras and an advanced smartphone app with personal notification abilities; and like your PEQ service today, there are still no contracts.
This migration will be made as seamless as possible for you; however, it will require you to replace your existing PEQ hub and re-join your current devices to a new hub (provided at no cost to you).  In order to make this process as easy as possible for you, we are offering optional guided technical support with a trained specialist, which you can schedule in 30 minute blocks. 
Once we ship your new hub, a link to the tech support scheduling calendar will be forwarded to you so that you can then sign up for a 30-minute session.  If you prefer to try the process without tech support, instructions will be included with your new hub.  Of course, you can also contact customer support at any time during the process with questions.

We appreciate your support of PEQ and look forward to having you as a Comporium ReadyHome Lite customer.

*Philips Hue is not compatible with ReadyHome Lite


Your migration to ReadyHome Lite is as easy as 1,2,3.

1)  Click the button below and sign up for ReadyHome Lite service for only $7.99 per month.  Upon checkout, we will take care of cancelling your PEQ billing.

2)  Be on the lookout for an activation email containing your temporary ReadyHome Lite credentials.  This email will come from 

3)  Once you receive your equipment, simply click the link in the email mentioned above and use your temporary credentials to activate your ReadyHome Lite service.