Adding Scheduled Rules


To add a Scheduled House Rule, select Menu, then House Rules from the Dashboard.

 Click the add symbol in the upper right corner.

Choose scheduled rules from the list of available rules.

Set a specific time:  The time of day or the time/day range when the house rule applies.  For scheduled House Rules that apply during a time range, you can have the action repeat periodically during that time range.  For example, you can have the system turn on a light for five minutes every 20 minutes between 7:00PM and midnight.


Choose an Action:  The action the house rule takes.

Finalize the new rule:   The final screen allows you to rename your new rule and also the ability to use modes to control the rule. When you finish, click SAVE to set your house rule.


Note:  Thermostat house rules can be created the same way all other scheduled  house rules are built, but it is easier to use Scheduling Your Thermostat.  House Rules created using this wizard are much more complex than normal scheduled rules.

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