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Your Dashboard is where you control everything connected to your PEQ system.  This is where you will configure your rules and modes, as well as check system notifications and view saved videos and images.

By clicking the "" button of the dashboard you can navigate your way around your PEQ system.

By clicking on Devices, House Rules, Peq Protect or Activity you will be given options in the form of a drop down list.



  • When you click on “Devices” screen you will be taken to the Manage Devices screen and you can add new devices
  • If you click on “Shop” you are taken to the shop section of the website and you can purchase additional devices or sensors for your PEQ system


  • Click on “House Rules” to add or modify your PEQ House Rules
  • Click on “Contact Settings” to change who is receiving notifications from your PEQ system



  • Click on “Activity” from the main menu to view a list of your events
  • Select “Quota” to view your limits on Images, Videos, and SMS


Mode:  This is where you will set the “Mode” of your system.  You have 4 different modes to choose from: Home, Away, Night, and Vacation.  Click HERE to learn more about modes.

Status:  This is where your notifications and alerts will be displayed, as well as the status of your sensors.  Your PEQ system supports 4 types of sensors.  Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, Water Sensors, and Carbon Monoxide Sensors.

Lighting:  This shows the status of your light(s).  By choosing On/Off/DIM you can set your light to the preferred setting.


Video:  This is where you can view a thumbnail view of your camera.  When you click on the thumbnail, you will see the live video option.


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