Understanding PEQ Modes


There are four (4) different types of modes: Home, Away, Night, and Vacation. By using different rules from the Rules Engine combined with these modes, you can set your home to automate any way you like, no matter where you're at in the world!

Get alerts that your Front Door has been opened when you are at work, but not when you are at home.  Turn the lights on at 8:30 pm and off at 10:00 pm while you're on Vacation.  Set your Thermostat to cool when you place the system in Night mode.

To change the mode, simply click the mode that you want applied to your system and it changes immediately. It's that easy.

Choose one of the following Modes:

Home: This is the default mode when you set up your PEQ system.

Away: Your home is not occupied.

Night: Your home is occupied and everyone has gone to bed.

Vacation: Your home will be unoccupied for an extended amount of time.


Modes are used to create rules that define what PEQ should do when certain events happen. For example, you could create the following rules:

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