Setting Up Your Hub


The PEQ hub is the key to giving your home a voice! It controls all of your devices and communicates with them directly, telling them what to do and when.

Before you set up, make sure you have a good broadband connection so the hub can function properly, then follow these simple steps:

1) Locate your hub and its stand in your package
a. If you want your hub to stand on a table-top, simply insert the stand into the bottom of the hub. Or, you can skip the stand and mount your hub on a wall.

2) Make the connections
a. Locate the yellow Ethernet cable and the power adapter that came with your hub
b. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port on your hub
c. Connect the other end to an available LAN port on your home router or modem
d. Connect the power adapter to the hub, and plug the other end into a wall outle


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