Restarting your PEQ hub


If your PEQ system is responding slowly, or your hub has been offline, you can try restarting your hub, but please be sure to check with a member of our support team before you do! Don’t worry – it’s easy, we promise.

To restart your hub, follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your dashboard

2. Click on Menu (the three grey bars in the top left corner of your dashboard screen), then select Device from the dropdown menu

3. Click on the plus sign in the upper right hand corner of your Devices page, then select the hub icon to display the PEQ Hub Diagnostics page


4. Click Restart Hub in the bottom right corner
a.) Note: Devices that have been paired with the hub can’t be accessed until the reboot process is complete.
5. If clicking Restart Hub doesn’t resolve the issue, you can physically restart the hub

a.) 1) Unplug the hub’s power cable for 30 seconds and then plug it back in

b.) Wait for the connection light (second light from the bottom) to blink orange

**If your hub doesn’t regain internet connection, continue on with these next steps.

c.) Unplug the power cables on all networking equipment, including the hub, any personal router, and your cable modem/device providing your internet connection

d.) Power up only the device that provides your internet connection (i.e. modem), and allow it to come completely back online

If your device does not come back online, contact your internet provider.

5) Once the first device is restored, plug in the next device (typically your wireless router. In certain cases the wireless router and the DSL or cable modem are the same gateway device issued by the service provider).
a. With a computer connected to the device you just powered on, verify that you have an internet connection on your home network.

6) Plug the power cable back into the hub

7) Wait up to 10 minutes for the connection light on the hub (2nd from the bottom) to blink orange

8) You are connected when the light turns green

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