Installing and Pairing Door Locks


To install your door lock, please follow the detailed instructions in the in-box materials provided by the manufacturer as the installation process varies for each door lock.

Below are some key steps to follow when installing and pairing your door lock.

Getting Ready: 

  2. Watch the video for your door lock manufacturer
  3. Please note: The step by step directions are specific to Kwikset. For Yale, please use in-box materials and click next through the steps until prompted to pair


Installation and programming:

  1. Install the latch (Kwikset) or bolt (Yale)
  2. Adjust the length by either turning the latch (Kwikset) or pushing the button (Yale)
  3. Ensure "up" on the latch/bolt is pointing up when installed in the door
  4. Install exterior keypad (Kwikset) or outside escutcheon (Yale)
  5. Route the cable (Kwikset) or wire harness (Yale) under the latch/bolt
  6. Connect the cable/wire harness to the exterior keypad (Kwikset) and the inside escutcheon (Yale)
  7. Attach the exterior keypad/inside escutcheon to the other side of the door
  8. Insert batteries and program lock
  9. Create master and/or user codes
  10. Door lock handling process


Now you're ready to PAIR

  1. For Kwikset follow the "Inclusion process" push the A button 4 times in the interior assembly
  2. For Yale follow the "Network Module Setting" process choosing 7 # 1 #
  3. Immediately click Pair button on PEQ page to initiate pairing

Once your done pairing, you can set up rules that work with your new door lock.

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