Resetting a Lamp Module


To reset your PEQ Lamp Module, please follow the steps below:

  • Verify that the wall outlet is powered. If the wall outlet is powered by a wall switch, then the wall switch MUST be kept ON at ALL times for the Appliance Module to function
  • Login to your Account, click on Dashboard, click on Devices, Choose Manage/Add, Select Lights and Appliances
  • Attach the plug from the lamp to be controlled into the wall outlet of the Lamp Module
  • Press and hold the Lamp Module button                                                      
    • While still holding down the Lamp Module button plug the unit back into the wall outlet. After 2 Seconds the LED will turn on
    • Attach the Lamp Module to wall outlet.
    • Once the LED is on let go of the button. The LED will flash a few times every 5 seconds to signal that it is in pairing mode.

    Please note: When you reset the lamp module, you are preparing the lamp module to re-connect to the existing account the lamp module was previously paired. 

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