Lighting Errors


NOTE: Your PEQ lamp module communicates with the hub using radio frequency(RF) signals. It’s important to note that a broadband connection is required for communication between your mobile device and/or PC, and the thermostat.

If your lamp module isn’t working, or it’s having problems communicating with the hub, please see the following suggestions for help:

• If you have any electronics in your home network that communicate with RF or Bluetooth, make sure they are not being used near the lamp module.

• If your lamp is movable, place it (and the lamp module) in another location in your home and see if it works correctly. If it does, move the lamp and module back to the original location, and if the alert message returns, the RF signal may be weak in that part of your home.

• Confirm your broadband connection to your hub is working properly.

• If your light bulbs are flickering, make sure you aren’t using CFL or LED bulbs with your PEQ lamp module.

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