Thermostat Errors


Thermostats communicate with the Hub using radio frequency(RF) signals.

It is important to note that a broadband connection is required for communication between the your mobile device and/or PC and the thermostat.


Having difficulty communicating with a thermostat module:  The Hub cannot communicate with your thermostat.

  • If you have any electronics in your home network that communicate with RF or Bluetooth, make sure they are not being used near the thermostat.
  • Installing a light module between the Hub and the thermostat might improve communication.
  • Confirm that your broadband connection to your hub is working properly.

Low Thermostat Battery: The battery in the sensor is getting low.

  • Replace the battery with a battery of the same size and capacity.

The thermostat failed an over-the-air update and is most likely inoperable:  A firmware upgrade failed.

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