General System and Communication Errors


NOTE: Please don’t reset your hub to its factory settings unless a member of our support team has directed you to do so.

If you’re having problems with your PEQ system, it could be one of the following issues:

1. There is a general error that your system can’t identify.

• Contact support

2. The PEQ network/service has lost communication with your hub.

• Make sure your Wi-Fi is working correctly

• Rotate the hub 90 degrees

• Check for interference with Bluetooth and RF devices

• Move the hub to a different location

Restart your hub

NOTE: If you adjust the position or location of the hub, and you start having communication problems with sensors or other devices, try a different location.

3. Your PEQ system lost power.

• External power for the Hub is not connected

• Make sure the AC adapter is connected to the hub

4. There is a system upgrade currently in progress.

• No action required

• This message will go away when the update is completed

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