Not Receiving Notifications


If you’re not receiving notifications from your PEQ system, your sensor might not be communicating correctly with your hub, or your hub might be having a problem communicating with your email/cell service provider. To troubleshoot, follow these steps below:

1. Log in to your dashboard

2. Click on the device tile that is having the issue

3. Check to make sure the status is changing
a. For example, if you’re not receiving notifications from your back door sensor, open the actual door and check to see if the tile on your dashboard changes to OPEN. (See image below.)

b. Close the door and see if the tile on your dashboard changes to CLOSED. (See image below.)

If you don’t see a status change, continue on to step 4 below.

4. Click on your main menu (the three grey bars in the top left corner of your dashboard), then select Devices from the drop-down list

5. Find the device that is having the problem and check to see if it has a low signal strength (will appear to the right of the device name)

5. If the sensor shows low signal strength, move the hub closer to the sensor, and open and close the sensor on the door to see if the strength increases

6. If the problem continues, replace the battery in the device and try opening and closing the door again

7. If you’re still not receiving notifications even though your device’s signal strength is strong, and its status is changing on your dashboard, you’ll need to check your broadband connection

8. If your sensor and broadband connection are all working properly, verify that your notifications are not being sent to your spam/junk folder, then contact your email provider

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