Resetting Your Appliance Module


NOTE: When you reset the appliance module, you are preparing the appliance module to re-connect to the existing account the appliance module was previously paired to.
If the appliance module is currently paired to the dashboard, you need to begin by deleting it.

To reset your appliance module, follow the simple steps below.

1. Click on your main menu (the three grey lines in the top left corner of your dashboard)

2. Select Devices from the drop-down list

3. Click on the appliance module you wish to delete

4. Click on the minus sign inside the circle (located to the right of the appliance name)
a. A message will pop up to confirm the device deletion. Select, Yes.

Now, you are ready to reset the device and add it back to your dashboard.

1. Click on your main menu (three grey lines in the top left corner of your dashboard) click on Devices

2. Click on the plus symbol in the top right corner to add a device

3. Click on the appliance icon, then select the appliance module you want to reset

4. Attach the plug from the appliance (crockpot, flat iron, etc.) into the front of the appliance module.

5. Press and hold the appliance module button

6. While still holding down the appliance module button, plug the device back into the wall outlet

a. After a few seconds, the LED will turn on.

7. Let go of the button when the LED is on
a.) The LED will flash a few times every 5 seconds to signal that it is in pairing mode.

8. Select PAIR from to add the appliance module to the dashboard again

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