Installing and Pairing In Wall Light Switches


Before you begin installing your in wall switch, please be advised that it is always a good practice to consult an electrician to ensure proper installation.

Go to Dashboard, select Devices, Manage/Add, Lights and Appliances, Add Device, In Wall Switch.  Select the option for In-Wall Switch.  Be certain that you have shut off all power.  Verify that power is no longer supplied to the light with a volt meter.  To Default the In-Wall Switch, locate the air gap switch at the base of the switch button.

Use a fingernail or small screwdriver to lift the Air Gap switch.

Once an electrician has connected the wiring and power is supplied to the unit, press and hold the switch button until the blue LED is lit.  Once the blue LED is lit, depress the Air Gap switch then release the switch button.

The blue LED will begin to flash indicating the switch is in pairing mode.

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