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Your Philip hue lights work with your PEQ system, and the best part is you can control them, along with all of your other devices, right from your dashboard.

How to set up your hue lights with PEQ:

1. Install and set up your hue hub and bulbs using the directions that come in the hue box

2. Click on your main menu (the three grey bars in the top left corner of your dashboard) and select Devices from the drop-down list

3. Click on the grey plus sign in the top right corner of your Devices screen

4. Click on the Lights device icon

5. Click on Philips hue light

6. Press the button in the middle of your hue bridge (hub) and click Pair on your PEQ screen

Once paired, all the bulbs connected to the hue bridge will display in PEQ, and you’ll be given the option to name each bulb and choose if it’s dimmable or not.

How to use Phillips hue with PEQ:

• All bulbs associated with your hue hub are visible on your PEQ dashboard

• You can increase or decrease the dimming of each bulb right on the dashboard

• You can set up rules for your hue lights to turn on and off at set times

NOTE: You’ll need to log into your hue app if you want to change the scenes and colors of the bulbs. And if you delete one hue bulb from PEQ, all the hue bulbs will be deleted. To add the bulbs back to PEQ, you’ll need to go back through the pairing process.

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