Verifying the PEQ Thermostat Is Ready To Pair


Joining Your Thermostat to the Hub

The thermostat needs to be joined to the Hub after installation.  The first step in the join process is to make sure the Hub is in it’s join network mode.  To do this, navigate to the settings tab in the subscriber portal and then clicking thermostats, and selecting “Add Thermostat”. This will begin the process for adding a thermostat.

The CentraLite thermostat will attempt to join a Hub network upon power up or after pressing the Reset button(as long as it has not already been joined to another Hub network).  Once this is completed, the Zigbee Radio status indicator should begin to flash.  Upon successfully joining a Thermostat to the Hub the Zigbee Radio status indicator should remain solid.

If the indicator does not illuminate then make sure the Hub is in pairing mode. Do this by going to the settings tab in subscriber portal, clicking on the thermostats icon, and selecting “Add Thermostat.”

It may also be necessary to have the thermostat leave it’s current Zigbee network. Refer to the programming section or to the user guide that came with your product.  A digital copy of the user guide can be found by clicking Here.

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