NEST Learning Thermostat


You can now use your PEQ system with your Nest Learning Thermostat®! Using the PEQ app to control your Nest, you can monitor and adjust the temperature in your home – it’s just another way PEQ makes it simple and easy to control your home, from anywhere.


How to set up PEQ to Work With Nest

  1. Install and set up your Nest Learning Thermostat following the steps outlined in the Nest box
  2. Login to your PEQ account and go to DEVICES, MANAGE/ADD
  3. Select NEST, click Pair a Nest account
  4. Click Add device
  5. A Works with Nest box will pop up, click CONTINUE
  6. Enter your Nest email and password and click SIGN IN


How to use Nest with PEQ

  • Your Nest Thermostat is visible on your Dashboard and you can increase or decrease the temperature right from the Dashboard
  • If you want to change your setting for Nest from Heat to Cool or change from On to Away, just click on Nest from the Dashboard


Note: Currently, you are unable to create rules for your Nest Thermostat from PEQ, but we’re always looking at ways to improve your PEQ experience so keep an eye out for updates.


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