Defaulting a Thermostat


To default the thermostat, place the thermostat into programming mode by pressing between the hold button and the fan button. While continuing to hold between the hold button and the fan button, swipe down on the right slider until “01″ is displayed.  When the “01” is displayed, it indicates you are in “programming mode.”

NOTE:  Before you enter programming mode to program the thermostat, the device needs to be in an “off” state. To turn the thermostat off, press the “Mode” button until “Off” appears on the screen.

Use the + and – buttons to advance through the menu options.  Use the HOLD button to enter a menu option then use the + and – to set the appropriate value and then MODE to return to menu options.

Navigate to field “17″ and select option 11.  This will set the thermostat to it’s factory default settings.


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