Sensor Errors


Sensors communicate with the hub using radio frequency (RF) signals. If you’re having problems with your sensors, it might be one of the issues below:

1. Sensor communication failure: The hub can’t communicate with the identified sensor. Possible causes include low battery and RF connectivity failure.

• Replace the battery with a battery of the same size and capacity.

• If you have any electronics on your home network that communicate with RF or Bluetooth, make sure they are not being used near the sensor.

• Installing a lamp module between the hub and the sensor might improve communication.
a. Lamp modules will repeat the signal allowing for greater distances between the hub and the sensor.

2. Sensor is tampered: The cover of the identified sensor has been removed.

• Make sure the cover on the sensor is securely attached to the base.

• See the Sensor Tamper Guide for detailed instructions for resolving tampers.

3. Low battery: The battery in the sensor is getting low.

• Replace the battery with a battery of the same size and capacity.

4. Sensor communication is jammed: The hub detects communication with the identified sensor is jammed. Most likely, someone is using a device designed to scramble the radio frequency(RF) signal of the sensor.

5. Sensor failed an over the air update: A firmware update failed.

• If the sensor is using a lamp/appliance module to extend it’s range, you’ll need to unplug that lamp/appliance module from its outlet.

• Restart your hub and wait for it to come completely back online.

• Remove and replace the battery in the troubled sensor.

• Plug the lamp/appliance module that’s extending your sensor’s signal back in after the trouble has been cleared for 30 min.

• If the above option does not work, or you’re not using a lamp/appliance module to extend your sensor’s signal, try deleting and re-pairing the sensor you’re your PEQ system. Click here for help deleting and pairing.

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