Trouble Using a Door Lock


If you are having trouble with your door lock on Peq. Please try the following steps.

  1. Verify your lock works when using the master code on the door lock. If the lock doesn't work with the master code, please check the User Guide for your lock.
  2. If the lock works locally, please reboot your PEQ Hub.
  3. Allow the hub to fully reboot.
  4. Verify the hub is connected the the internet.
  5. Retry to control the door lock from the app or website.
  6. If the lock is still not functioning try repairing the lock to PEQ.
  7. Please Delete your door lock
  8. Default the door lock. Kwikset Yale
  9. Attempt to pair the door lock again. Kwikset Yale
  10. Once this is complete, please retry your lock from the app or website.
  11. If you are still having problems, please contact Peq support.
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