Programing User codes for Yale door lock


User Codes can only be programmed through the Master PIN Code*.

  1. Touch the screen with the back of your hand or fingers to activate .
  2. Enter the 4-8 digit Master PIN code followed by the key.Lock Response: “Menu mode, enter number, press the key to continue.”
  3. Enter “2” followed by the key.
  4. Enter “1” followed by the key.
  5. Enter the User Number to be registered (1-25) followed by the key.
  6. Enter a 4-8 digit PIN code for the User number followed by the key.
  7. To continue adding users press the key.
  8. Press the key to complete the process and conclude the programming session.

Note: When registering User codes, the code must be entered within 20 seconds or time expires, Lock Response: “Time expired”, no codes are registered and the process
must be re-started.

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