Nest Learning Thermostat Not Functioning


If the Nest thermostat is not working properly, confirm that it is functioning properly within the Nest application.  If the Nest system isn’t working outside of the PEQ app, then it will not work from within the PEQ app.  If the Nest app is not working properly, contact Nest Support.


If the Nest app is functioning properly, confirm that the Nest Thermostat is currently paired to your PEQ system.

1.  From your Dashboard, navigate to Devices>Manage/Add>Nest Learning Thermostats.

If no Nest Learning Thermostats are associated with your PEQ system, zero (0) will be located in the upper right hand corner of the tile.  If there are Nest Learning Thermostats associated with your PEQ system, the number in the top right hand corner will reflect the total number of Nest Learning Thermostats associated with your system.


2.  Once you have confirmed that the Nest Learning Thermostat is associated with your PEQ system, it may be necessary to remove and re pair the Nest Learning Thermostat.

A.  Navigate to MENU>DEVICES>ADD then choose Nest Learning Thermostats.

B.  Select the Nest Learning Thermostats tile to display the Nest page

C.  Select “Unpair your Nest account” and follow the prompts.

D.  Once the Nest Learning Thermostat is removed, select the Nest Learning Thermostat tile to add the device back.


3.  If you are still experiencing issues, try removing any PEQ related Works With Nest associations from your Nest app.

A.  Follow the steps above to remove the Nest Learning Thermostat from your PEQ system.

B.  From the Nest app. open the Menu by touching the 3 bars in the top right hand corner.  This will display the menu.

Home  Menu

C.  Select the person icon to open the general settings.

D.  Select “Works with Nest” to display all of your current associations.
E.  Select the association that you wish to remove and select “Remove Connection”.  Re pair the Nest Learning Thermostat with your account.
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