PEQ and OpenHome Compatible Devices


The PEQ service works with OpenHome compatible devices which is the standard for connected home devices. When you buy PEQ branded or PEQ compatible devices, they are OpenHome certified and will have the OpenHome Certified logo. You can be confident that those devices and the PEQ service will work together. PEQ is compatible with several manufacturers and devices including NEST, Philips Hue, Yale, Kwikset and others are underway. Also, most Zigbee based devices are compatible with PEQ.

To find out if a specific OpenHome Certified device you are interested in is compatible with PEQ, search for PEQ as the service provider on the OpenHome website.

*Note: OpenHome represents compatible hardware models. In some rare cases, hardware that has been shelved for long periods of time may have firmware versions that are not able to be updated to work with the PEQ platform.

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