How to use Peq Protect


PEQ Protect allows you to leverage your friends and family to protect your home. PEQ Protect allows you to choose up to five friends and family to be part of your inner circle. Then create simple Alerts to notify them when you are away, so enjoy the peace of mind when you are away.


Lets get started, first choose the PEQ Protect icon from the Dashboard.


We need to create some contacts to notify when there is a problem. Click Create Your Inner Circle.


Now Choose Create Contact, you can also use PEQ Contacts you've already configured for regular House Rules.

Next enter your friends or family's contact information and click save.

Once you save your contacts information, we give you a change to notify the contact that you placed added them to your inner circle.When you are finished adding Inner Circle members, please choose PEQ Protect Alerts.

The first step of creating a new PEQ Protect Alert, is to choose who you'd like to notify.

Next choose when you'd like you Inner Circle modified.

Then save your new PEQ Protect Alert, by clicking Save Alert

The last step it to turn on PEQ Protect, but Clicking the icon again on the dashboard. When the Icon is red, its active and will notify you Inner Circle of any Alert you've configured.

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