How To Create House Rules


House Rules are a powerful engine, allowing you many way to use your Peq system.


First Navigate to the House Rules Menu, by clicking Menu>House Rules, then choose Add a House Rule.

Choose the device you'd like to use in your House Rule. In this example we will create a House Rule, that take s picture when the door opens. So we have click Doors.

Then we choose Front Door.

Now we can choose the action of the Front Door we'd Like to trigger the House Rule. We would like a picture taken, when the door opens. So we click on open.

Now we choose to Take Picture.

We are no presented with a list of our cameras to choose from. We will choose to take a picture with the Front Room Camera.

The final step is the confirmation screen. We can save to House Rule on this step, but we also have a few other options to consider. We can modify our House Rule in the following ways:

  • Schedule - We can schedule the House Rule for certain times, for example we could only take pictures from 8am-5pm, while we are at work.
  • Mode - We can tie the House Rule to modes. This would allow us to only take pictures at night, or while on vacation.
  • Add Attachments - We can have the pictures email to any of our contacts. Allowing you to Peq in, when you are away from home.

Remember to click Save, before leaving this page. This will add you new House Rule to the list.

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